Amour MiCo(アモウ・ミコ)
Amour MiCo

1992年3月18日生まれ(22歳) O型。日本生まれ、日本育ち。


アーティスト名は、愛=Amour (アモール)に由来し、アジアを愛しハッピーにする意志が込められている。



繊細かつしなやかな声を自在に操り、時にエモーショナルに、時に切なく訴えかけるヴォーカルは、デビュー前にして数多くのクリエイターからの熱い注 目を集めており、抜群の歌唱力はもちろん、DJ・ダンスパフォーマンス・ピアノの弾き語りも行うなど、アーティストとしての無限の可能性を秘めたアモウ ミコ。



Favorite Artist:Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley,
Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna…

Born on March 18, 1992 (age 22), blood type O.
Born and raised in Japan by Indonesian parents.

MiCo was inspired to become a music artist from having seen her elder sister perform at live concerts. Her goal is to grow into a major artist who would go on tours throughout Asia and the world.

She has complete mastery of herdelicate yet smooth voice, reaching out to us in a way that is at times emotional, and at times sentimental. Her vocal performance has captivated various creators in the music world.

MiCo has unlimited potential as an artist, with not only a fantastic singing voice, but also the ability to DJ, dance as a performer, and play piano in accompaniment to her singing.

Her unique character and untypical Japanese look have captured the attention of other industries, including fashion. Her diverse talents as an artist hold enormous potential for a new business model with an eye to CD, live performance, and merchandise rollout in Japan as well as Southeast Asia.